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Intermediate Fees Intermediate Fees

Cost of HFC Intermediate

Click here for player fees for 2021-2022 Seasonal Year

Player Fees: Spanish Version

*There is a minimum FOUR (4) HOUR YEARLY SERVICE REQUIREMENT for ABYSA/HFC players for the 2021-2022 Seasonal Year.
Each family agrees when they accept their child’s position to either commit to this requirement or to pay a $75 "buy out". 

ABYSA makes every effort to contain the cost of providing such a program through tournament hosting, fundraising, and the use of a growing volunteer base. Players are assessed a fee each season to pay for the remaining costs (coaches, referees, field rental, administration, etc.).

*For more information email Nancy McCord at [email protected]

ABYSA makes every effort to contain the cost of this program through tournament hosting, fundraising, and the use of a growing volunteer base. It is the philosophy of ABYSA that cost should not be a deterrent for any qualified player to participate in academy soccer. 

Payment Plan Option:

ABYSA offer a monthly installment plan for Intermediate program families.

ABYSA has established 3 programs to mitigate the costs of playing soccer in the intermediate program: Ingle's Gift cards, Tournament Program Ad Sales, and G.O.A.L.S. Financial Aid programs.


Big savings on your personal soccer fees

Ingles Gift Card Program

Ingles gift cards (formerly called "scrip") are purchased by ABYSA/HFC at a discount from Ingles. 
Player families purchase these gift cards at face value from their team representative. 5% of the purchase is applied as a credit against their team fees. 
Example: A purchase of $100 of Ingles gift cards yields $100 worth of groceries and a $5 reduction of the player's fees. 
Some families have paid all their fees from Ingles gift card purchases alone! 
For more information about the Ingles Gift Card Program click here

Tournament Program Advertising Sales

Check out the 2019 Tournament Program!

Looking for ways to help pay for your family’s cost of playing HFC Academy, Intermediate, or Classic soccer? Raise money to help directly offset your player’s fees by participating in program ad sales for the 16th Annual Riverside Summer Shootout soccer tournament program! Families will receive credit for 50% of the value of each ad they sell!             
 (For example, if you sell a full page ad for $450, you will receive $225 credit.)

 We hope you will find this program helpful for your family as an effective way to offset travel soccer costs. In 2019, several families paid for nearly all, and some even paid for all, of their player fees using this program!

Information for the 2021 Riverside Summer Shootout Ad Sale Program is here!
Please click below for details on how you can save money on your soccer fees this year

Details about the Riverside Summer Shootout Tournament Ad Sales

Riverside Summer Shootout Ad Sale Form for Businesses

Riverside Summer Shootout Letter for HFC Players

Financial Aid Programs

G.O.A.L.S. Financial Aid
(Granting Opportunities for Advancement in Life through Soccer)

This program provides financial support to committed players who otherwise would not be able to participate in classic soccer. The Financial Aid Application is an online form and all information is kept confidential. Applicants should be committed to classic soccer and should regularly participate in the other fundraising opportunities offered by ABYSA. The Financial Aid is need-based and each application is individually reviewed by the G.O.A.L.S. Funding Committee. ABYSA is confident that, by utilizing the Ingles gift card, Tournament Ad Sales and if necessary, G.O.A.L.S Financial Aid program, any committed player and family can financially afford to participate in our intermediate soccer program. 

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Intermediate Program Info

Click here for a detailed overview of our HFC Intermediate Program

Intermediate Program FAQ

Click here for Intermediate Program FAQs

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