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Recreation Program Info Recreation Program Info

Spring Rec Soccer Programs available in Buncombe, Madison, and Henderson Counties
(Henderson County -FAQ's) (Buncombe/Madison County- FAQ's)

Registration Open / Cost breakdown with Cancellation Policy below


1.       Column A is the age group you will register your child for based on their birth year.

2.       Column B and C show the cost of registration with or without a uniform. If you played last fall or this past spring, you can use your uniform again this spring and do not need to purchase one. The cost of a uniform is $22. There is some risk that uniforms ordered will not arrive before the first game.

3.       Column D shows the amount ABYSA will retain if the season is canceled entirely due to Covid-19 and you request a refund. You can avoid the administrative fee by simply telling us to move the registration to the following fall season. There is a significant cost of organizing every Recreation Season before the first ball is even kicked, and the financial hardship our not-for-profit organization has suffered over the last four months makes absorbing those costs impossible. We want to be completely upfront about this so you know the amount of money we would retain if you want a refund for spring 2021 Rec fees.

4.       Another way to look at, Column E shows the amount your refund will be if the Recreation Season is canceled entirely and you want a refund. If you choose to transfer the registration to spring, you would not “lose” the administrative fee in column D, nor would you receive a refund in the fall. You would simply be paid in full for the fall of 2021 season.

5.       If you purchase a uniform for this fall season and do not receive the uniform, you will get the $22 dollars as a refund also. Or, if you transfer the registration to the spring, you will receive the uniform then. For example, if you are a 5/6U player that ordered a uniform, and the season is canceled entirely, you are eligible for a refund of $72 ($51+$22).

6.       The last set of columns shows how the refund amount in column D will be reduced if only part of the season is canceled. To use the example above again for a 5/6U player who bought a uniform, and we were only able to provide 4 of the scheduled 8 games due to Covid-19 impacts, your refund amount would be $22. You would have paid a total of $96 for the registration and uniform purchase, so the cost of Rec Soccer for the season would be $74.

7U-19U Rec Practices Start - week of March 1-5 for Buncombe/Madison = March 8-12 for Henderson County
7U-19U First Rec Games - March 13 for Buncombe/Madison - March 20 for Henderson County
4U-6U Soccer Playdates begin - March 20 for Buncombe/Madison/ Henderson County
ABYSA Spring 2021 -Covid-19 Protocols and Updates -Click here

Welcome to the club!  With more than 4000 children participating each year, ABYSA Recreation Soccer is our largest program. Because the emphasis is on fun and participation, it is the ideal environment for most kids. This program is the entry point for children who are new to the game. Experienced players who desire a higher level of play should consider our HFC Academy, Intermediate and Classic programs. In the recreation program the focus is on having fun, learning new skills, and developing positive character traits to help them learn to be a good teammate on the field and in life and in return we hope to  further each players' enjoyment of the game. In the recreation program, the youngest age groups (U4-U6) have both practices and games on Saturdays (Combined in one hour time slot), while the older groups (U7-HS) practice one day a week and play Saturday games.

Recreation soccer is coached by volunteer coaches/parents who are well equipped and supported by the organization and will receive weekly communications from the program director with important info and weekly practice sessions provided throughout the season. Our coaches use a curriculum made up of fun and developmentally appropriate practice activities designed by our USSF "A" Licensed Director of Coaching and Player Development, Shane Weems. Shane is a former professional and D1 college soccer player who has been serving our coaches and players since 2004 as Director of Coaching for our Recreation program.  Shane also directs our Pre-Academy; Soccer In the Schools Program and our FUNdamentals Soccer Camps. 

Teams are formed geographically so that practice can be as close to home as possible.  Also, when registering, please use the special request area to let us know if you are trying to connect with a certain player so that we can best serve you from start.  We will do our best to accommodate requests when possible. 

Age Group Info - Click on the birth year  to view seasonal overview

4U - (Born in 2017) - Learn about our program for this birth year
5U - (Born in 2016) - Learn about our program for this birth year
6U - (Born in 2015) - Learn about our program for this birth year
7U - (Born in 2014) - Learn about our program for this birth year
8U - (Born in 2013) - Learn about our program for this birth year
9U - (Born in 2012) - Learn about our program for this birth year
10U - (Born in 2011) - Learn about our program for this birth year
11U - (Born in 2010) - Learn about our program for this birth year
12U - (Born in 2009) - Learn about our program for this birth year
13U/15U - (Born in 2008, 2007, and 2006) - Learn about our program for these birth years
High School (16U-19U)- (Born in 2005-2002) - Learn about our program for High School aged players.

Cost of Recreation

Click here for full details about the Cost of Recreation


Once you log into your account above you'll click on your child's team link to view the team page.  Once on the team page, you can access the schedule by clicking on the schedule tab.  Please check back each Friday before games during the season to make sure there hasn't been a change in the schedule for your child's team. There are times when games need to be moved; therefore, checking back each Friday will make sure you end up at your proper game location. When games are canceled due to weather we will update the schedule by the following Wednesday.

Sign up now for Pre-Academy- (Only offered to players born in 2011-2014)

Is your child is a 7U-10U player in Buncombe, Henderson, or Madison Counties but wants more!? Our Pre-Academy program was created to offer an additional day of practice for players participating in our recreation program or playing in other local programs.  The program provides a platform to introduce players to a training experience consistent with ABYSA's/HFC's next level of play (HFC Academy and HFC Classic) while still competing for their recreation team. . Players will go to their recreation team practice one day of the week and then come to “Pre-Academy” for a second practice. The Pre-Academy staff is made up of former professional or college players who want to give back to the game and help guide some of our youngest players as they learn the skills and concepts to find more enjoyment in the game.

Click here to learn more about our Pre-Academy Program!

ABYSA Sportsmanship Award

ABYSA and ABC Pediatrics of Asheville are proud of our ongoing partnership with the SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD PROGRAM.

ABC Pediatrics of Asheville and ABYSA, recognize that the life lessons learned from being part of a sports team are just as important as the physical activity and exercise that sport provides. We are grateful to ABC Pediatrics for helping us make learning about sportsmanship a core value of our recreation program and providing a format for coaches and parents to help our children learn these important lessons. We hope you will join us in using this program as a teaching tool.

Details about the program, information about the importance of sportsmanship, and a link to the ABC Pediatrics of Asheville website can be found clicking here

Coaches Corner

ABYSA works hard to create a fun environment for both players and coaches. We provide resources for each age group, making it easy for our coaches to enjoy coaching--even with little coaching/playing experience. ABYSA takes care of all the details, supplying coaches with practice plans, schedules, rosters, cones, scrimmage vests, and practice space as well as offering preseason coaches meetings and clinics. We work hard to make it easy to get started, so coaches can concentrate on having fun while teaching the player's soccer skills as well as important life lessons along the way.  In fact, coaching in ABYSA is almost as fun as playing so if you are interested in coaching then please contact [email protected]

Click here to view our Coaches Corner page 

Risk Management Link

Click here for instructions on Registering with Risk Management 


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Cost of Recreation

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Recreation Program FAQ

Click here for Recreation FAQs

Sign up for Pre-Academy!

This program provides a platform to introduce 7U-10U rec players to a training experience consistent with ABYSA's/HFC's next level of play (HFC Academy and HFC Competitive). Click here to learn more!

ABYSA Fundamentals Camps

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ABYSA Coaches Corner

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