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What Program Is Right For Me?

Most Common Player Pathways

Which pathway is right for you? The chart below shows 3 of our main development pathways: The Recreation Pathway, Competitive Pathway, and Developmental Pathway. 

Programs at a Glance

 Developmental Focus Coaching Staff 
Time Commitment 
(Per Week)
 Season Length 
ABYSA Recreation

 For players new to soccer or players who just want to play for fun

Focused on fun and enjoyment with age appropriate skill building and teamwork lessons for players of all levels

 Volunteer1 practice (7U-19U)
1 in-house game
Fall and/or Spring
(Can play one or both seasons)
HFC Pre-Academy
 For players interested in experiencing a more structured and developmentally focused environment in addition to their Recreation team

An introduction to the competitive training structure and environment with an additional focus on basic technical and tactical ideas from experienced coaches

Paid 1 practice
(In addition to a Recreation team)
Fall and/or Spring
(Can play one or both seasons)
HFC Academy

HFC Academy (11U/12U)
 For players interested in focused skill development to prepare for the demands of higher levels of play (HFC Competitive, High School, College, etc.)

A training (practice) structure and curriculum designed to help players focus on developmentally appropriate skills and tactical development to prepare for higher levels of play

 Paid2 practices
1 in-house game
1-2 festival events
Fall & Spring
 HFC Intermediate
 For players who want a more developmentally challenging and competitive environment, but aren't ready for the Competitive program Follow a training structure and curriculum designed to help players accelerate development for higher levels of play  Paid 2 practices
1 in-house game
Fall (Girls) &
Spring (Boys) 
HFC Competitive 
 For players interested in being a part of the most developmentally challenging and competitive environment available

Help players reach the highest level of development and competition that they are capable of through the best available technical, tactical, and physical developmental focuses in each age group

3 practices
1 game*
1-3 tournaments

*games can be in Asheville OR out of town. At least 1 per weekend
Fall & Spring

2022-2023 Age Group Chart

Birth Year
Age GroupABYSA
HFC Pre-Academy HFC
Competitive (Classic)
Intermediate Program
2019 4U 
2018 5U 
2017 6U  x
2016 7U  xx
2015 8U  xx x
2014 9U  x x
2013 10U xx x x
2012 11U  x x x
2011 12U x x x
2010 13U x x x
2009  14U   x x
2008 15U   x x
2007 16U   x
2006 17U   x
2005 18U   x
2004 19U   x

Helpful Links

  ABYSA Recreation

The Recreation Player Pathway is designed/ideal  for players looking for a fun and non-competitive environment. The Recreation Player Pathway utilizes volunteer coaches and is available for the 4U-19U age groups. 

Click Here for more ABYSA Recreation Program Information

 HFC Pre-Academy

This program provides a platform to introduce 7U-10U ABYSA Recreation players to additional training experience consistent with ABYSA's/HFC's next level of play (HFC Academy and HFC Competitive). 

Click Here for more HFC Pre-Academy Program Information 

 HFC Academy

The Academy program is designed to help 9U - 12U players improve their technical soccer skills which they will need to play at a higher level, as well as their love for the game. Our dedicated coaching staff follows a curriculum that provides players with high quality instruction and age appropriate activities which creates a fun learning environment. The majority of the players that enter the Academy during their 9U and 10U years move on to play competitive (classic) soccer once they graduate the Academy program. Those who aren't quite ready for the competitive level will enter our 11U and 12U academy program. 

Click here for more 9U/10U Academy Program Information

Click here for more 11/12U Academy Program Information

 HFC Intermediate

The goal of the HFC Intermediate Program is to provide players an opportunity to develop the individual skills in both the technical and tactical aspects of the game. This program is for those who aren't quite ready yet for Classic soccer.

Click Here for more HFC Intermediate Program Information

 HFC Competitive

The Competitive Player Pathway is designed/ideal for the player looking to play in the most challenging environment offered within the organization. Players on this pathway are typically looking to play at the higher levels as they get older (high school, college, professional). The Competitive level utilizes the best coaching resources within WNC and is available for the 10U-19U age groups.

Click here for more HFC Competitive Program Information

Become a Referee

Click here for more information about becoming a referee

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