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Ingles Gift Card Program

Ingles Gift Cards (or “Scrip”) used to be colored paper certificates—similar to the certificates used as currency by the military, hence the name “SCRIP.” But whether you call them Scrip or Gift Cards, they provide a great personal fundraising opportunity. Since ABYSA is a not-for-profit organization, Ingles sells Gift Cards to ABYSA in bulk for 95% of face value. On all the gift cards you purchase from ABYSA, that 5% discount is passed on to you to offset your ABYSA fees. ABYSA primarily purchases cards with face value of $50, so all orders must be in increments of $50. The program is coordinated and run by volunteers to ABYSA. Please be considerate of their time and efforts as you take advantage of this valuable opportunity. The 5% discount from Ingles is passed on entirely to you. The volunteers only receive a heartfelt thank you from ABYSA.

To get started, either contact the distributor (see list below) that lives closest to you or Rob Corley via email and work out the logistics of getting cards. Generally you will email the distributor that is easiest for you to use and will go by their home to pick up the cards. There are well over 100 families, one from almost every team, currently participating. If getting to a distributor is difficult, find a parent on your team that is already participating and see if they are willing to pick up cards for you. Be creative.

  • Some of our ABYSA families have paid ALL of their fees by using – and selling – Ingles gift cards.
  • Make sure you use a gift card any time you go to Ingles – including purchases of gas, postage stamps, and prescriptions.
  • Buy more scrip than you personally use, and sell the cards at face value to any and all of your friends and relatives. It doesn’t cost them anything extra and they get to support your child in the process – because five percent of the card value is credited to YOUR account.
  • Write your check to “ABYSA Scrip” for 100% of face value of Gift Cards being purchased. 
  • Write the player’s first and last name on the memo line.
  • You will see the 5% credit you have earned in your Blue Sombrero Account generally in the month after you buy the cards.
  • They are considered CASH and cannot be deactivated, refunded, etc. Keep them safe.
  • IMPORTANT: When buying gas, it is important to swipe card THEN WAIT until the screen says to “Remove Nozzle.” Then, select your gas and pump. If you don’t wait and you pick up the nozzle or push the button to select your gas, then the communication between the card and the computer is broken, and the card will be temporarily shut off for 2 hours. If you try to use it during that time, it will show a $0 balance. Card and balance will be restored in 2 hours. You may use gift cards to pay for gas even when you are using your Ingles Advantage Card to get a reduced price per gallon. Swipe your Ingles Advantage Card first to receive any reduction in price you have earned and then swipe your gift card to pay for the gas. MAKE SURE you are using a “full” gift card that will cover the amount of gas you want to purchase.
  • Occasionally, the magnetic strip may go bad on a card, especially if you keep it next to a cell phone or magnet. The cashier can type in the number on the bottom of the card to use it.
  • If you want one card with a bigger balance, you can buy multiple $50 gift cards and have the cashier at Ingles combine all the cards into one larger denomination card.
  • Throw away emptied cards. Don’t reload them at Ingles because you won’t get the 5% credit for soccer. Only cards purchased through ABYSA will give you the 5% benefit.
  • Sell cards to friends, family, church members, and businesses – anyone who will buy them for face value. You will receive the 5% credit on all cards you use or sell. They make great gifts, especially for business contacts during the holidays – hairdressers, cleaning crews, babysitters, etc.
  • To check card balance, call the toll-free number on the back of the card. Punch in the card number as directed, and the automated system will tell you the balance as well as the usage record for that card – dates and amounts of each purchase.

Program coordinator and distributor

Rob Corley – [email protected]
Tonya Roberts- [email protected]
Monica Bastin- [email protected]

Contact Us:

Asheville Buncombe Youth Soccer Association, Inc.

ABYSA/HFC PO Box 895 Asheville NC 28802-0895 

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