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Academy Boys Match Schedules Academy Boys Match Schedules

HFC Academy 11U/12U Boys Schedules 

Spring 2024 Game Schedule:

Games are mainly played at the John B. Lewis Soccer Complex (JBL) - 439 Azalea Rd E, Asheville, NC 28805

Recent Updates In Yellow

2-MarSpainIndia8:30 am3A
2-MarAustraliaJapan8:30 am3B
2-MarEFC WhiteNorway11:30 am3A
2-MarTurkeyEFC Blue11:30 am3B
 2-MarSouth KoreaGreece12:00 pm2A
2-MarSwedenItaly1:00 pm3A
9-MarTurkeyIndia8:30 am3A
9-MarJapanSweden10:00 am3A
9-MarNorwaySpain11:30 am3A
9-MarEFC WhiteAustralia12:00 pm2A
 9-Mar EFC BlueSouth Korea1:00 pm3A
9-MarGreeceItaly1:00 pm3B
16-MarGreeceTurkey8:30 am3A
16-MarJapanIndia8:30 am3B
 16-MarEFC WhiteSpain11:30 am3A
 16-MarAustraliaSouth Korea12:00 pm2A
16-MarNorwayItaly12:00 pm2B
16-MarEFC BlueSweden1:00 pm3A
23-MarJapanSouth Korea8:30 am3A
23-MarNorwayAustralia8:30 am3B
23-MarTurkeyItaly11:30 am3A
23-MarGreeceSpain11:30 am3B
23-MarIndiaSweden1:00 pm3A
13-AprTurkeyJapan8:30 am3A
13-AprAustraliaSweden8:30 am3B
13-AprItalyIndia10:00 am3A
13-AprNorwayGreece11:30 am3A
13-AprSouth KoreaSpain1:00 pm3A
20-AprNorwayTurkey8:30 am3A
20-AprAustraliaIndia8:30 am3B
20-AprSouth KoreaItaly11:30 am3A
20-AprEFC BlueJapan11:30 am3B
 20-AprSpainSweden11:30 am2A
20-AprEFC WhiteGreece1:00 pm3A
27-AprSwedenTurkey8:30 am3A
27-AprItalySpain10:00 am3A
27-AprIndiaSouth Korea10:00 am3B
27-AprJapanEFC White1:00 pm3A
27-AprNorwayEFC Blue1:00 pm3B
27-AprGreeceAustralia2:30 pm3A
4-MaySouth KoreaTurkey8:30 amBCSP 6
4-MaySpainAustralia10:00 amBCSP 6
4-MayItalyJapan10:00 amBCSP 7
4-MayIndiaNorway1:00pmBCSP 6
4-MaySwedenGreece2:30pmBCSP 6
11-MaySpainTurkey10:00 am3A
11-MayItalyAustralia10:00 am3B
11-MayIndiaGreece11:30 am3A
11-MayJapanNorway11:30 am3B
11-MaySwedenSouth Korea1:00 pm3B

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