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Academy Boys Match Schedules Academy Boys Match Schedules

HFC Academy 11U/12U Boys Schedules 

Fall 2023 Game Schedule:

Games are mainly played at the John B. Lewis Soccer Complex (JBL) - 439 Azalea Rd E, Asheville, NC 28805


DateJersey - RedJersey - BlackFieldTime
9-SepEFC Blue BoysTurkey3A8:30 am
9-SepSpainJapan3A10:00 am
9-SepEFC White BoysNorway3B10:00 am
9-SepIndiaSouth Korea3A11:30 am
9-SepItalySwedenJBL 2A12:00 pm
9-SepGreeceAustralia3A1:00 pm
DateJersey - RedJersey - BlackFieldTime
16-SepSpainEFC White Boys3A8:30 am
16-SepGreeceTurkey3B8:30 am
16-SepItalyJapan3A10:00 am
16-SepEFC Blue BoysNorway3B10:00 am
16-SepIndiaSweden3A11:30 am
16-SepSouth KoreaAustralia3B11:30 am
DateJersey - RedJersey - BlackFieldTime
23-SepTurkeySweden3A8:30 am
23-SepIndiaItaly3A10:00 am
23-SepSpainEFC Blue Boys3B10:00 am
23-SepGreeceEFC White BoysJBL 2A12:00 pm
23-SepSouth KoreaNorway3A1:00 pm
23-SepJapanAustralia3B1:00 pm
DateJersey - RedJersey - BlackFieldTime
30-SepTurkeyIndia3A8:30 am
30-SepSwedenJapan3A10:00 am
30-SepSpainAustralia3A11:30 am
30-SepSouth KoreaGreece3B11:30 am
30-SepNorwayItaly3A1:00 pm
DateJersey - RedJersey - BlackFieldTime
7-OctTurkeyJapan3A8:30 am
7-OctSpainIndia3B8:30 am
7-OctSwedenNorway3A10:00 am
7-OctGreeceEFC Blue BoysJBL 2A12:00 pm
7-OctItalyAustralia3A1:00 pm
7-OctSouth KoreaEFC White Boys3B1:00 pm
DateJersey - RedJersey - BlackFieldTime
14-OctTurkeyItaly3A8:30 am
14-OctNorwayJapan3A10:00 am
14-OctSouth KoreaEFC Blue BoysJBL 2A11:30am
14-OctSpainGreece3A11:30 am
14-OctIndiaAustralia3B11:30 am
14-OctSwedenEFC White Boys3A1:00 pm
DateJersey - RedJersey - BlackFieldTime
21-OctTurkeySouth Korea3A8:30 am
21-OctIndiaJapan3B8:30 am
21-OctSpainItaly3A10:00 am
21-OctGreeceNorway3A11:30 am
21-OctSwedenAustralia3A1:00 pm
DateJersey - RedJersey - BlackFieldTime
28-OctSwedenGreece3A8:30 am
28-OctTurkeyAustralia3B8:30 am
28-OctEFC White BoysItaly3A10:00 am
28-OctJapanEFC Blue Boys3A11:30 am
28-OctNorwayIndia3A1:00 pm
28-OctSpainSouth Korea3B1:00 pm
DateJersey - RedJersey - BlackFieldTime
4-NovTurkeyNorway3A8:30 am
4-NovJapanSouth Korea3B8:30 am
4-NovItalyIndia3A11:30 am
4-NovSwedenSpain3B11:30 am
4-NovAustraliaGreece3A1:00 pm

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